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Multi-Asset Classes Portfolios

Fully Customised Solution & Reports

Flexible Portfolios Engineering

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Multi-Asset Classes Portfolios

We cover all asset classes, which means you have one cohesive platform for global views of your portfolio, computations using specific metrics for each asset class, & performance and analytics by the grouping relevant to you.

Using the specific metrics for each class, we compute the performance components of your multi-asset classes portfolios.

We cover listed equities, fixed income products, shares of long-only funds and of share classes or series of hedge funds, cash and short terms instruments, currency forwards, Private Equity and Real Estate investments, either through partnerships or directly, futures and options. You can also define your own investments structure.

You can view and analyse in detail your positions for any period, at granular level or grouping them according to what’s relevant for you: by asset classes, sectors, regions, asset manager, strategy level, and by any custom criteria defined by you.

Fully Customised Solution & Reports

You will have a solution that is fully customised to match your business. Every aspect will be specifically customised for what you need and nothing else. We are the only solution provider who can give you this.

We are the only provider who can deliver a solution that is fully adapted to match your business, from how your portfolios are structured, to the content and layout of screens that match your business, with navigation and drill down also matching how you do things. Both your screens and reports will match exactly what you require and without anything that is not relevant to you.

You can turn any dashboard instantly into a report. Where presentation matters, we can prepare fully designed reports which are generated on demand for any period or other criteria in one click.

Your full range of reporting can be covered including internal meeting reports, answering ad hoc questions, fact-sheets, investor and client reports including individual commentaries. Our automated and seamless reporting workflows saves time and avoids potential errors.

Flexible Portfolios Engineering

Your accounts or portfolios are combined, sliced or filtered to match exactly how they are set up in your business. You can then aggregate, filter or slice from here to match your business requirements for analysis. Modelling enables you to create theoretical portfolios for what if’s, benchmarks and model investments for assigning to clients.

Aggregation: You can combine existing portfolios together: for example aggregate your clients bank accounts, or consolidate your direct investments. Further, you can mix portfolios, define any layers of portfolios, regroup family members into one global portfolio.

Carve-outs : You can define portfolios carve-outs by simply applying fully customisable criteria: for example, split your portfolios into groups of sectors for specific regions and assign them appropriate benchmarks for further analysis. You can regroup and re-slice you aggregation and carve outs to reflect the way your organisation works.

Models: Using our modelling module you can define a model, in itself a new portfolio, from scratch by importing actual positions or allocations from other portfolios. Set rebalancing rules, and even assign a benchmark for this model. So you can for example take an existing client portfolio and assess the impact of a significant change in strategy.

You can define fully bespoke benchmarks within the modelling module including replicating existing third party benchmarks. You can also define benchmarks of benchmarks, with as many layers as required. With benchmarks defined you can use them for Performance Attribution analytics.

Comprehensive Powerful Analytics

All your analytics needs are seamlessly available for any period within our cohesive platform. Apply your choice of statistics at Portfolio, Investment or any grouping level, change you parameters and see the results instantly. Analyse performance, P&L, contributions, attributions, your trading activity, investors contributions, etc.

You can easily analyse, and for any period, every component of your investments’ profit and losses, and, performance. You can access their individual or combined contributions to the portfolio overall performance and risk.

You can challenge your portfolios against other portfolios, bespoke or industry benchmark and analyse every delta and the performance attribution between the 2 portfolios.

You can run fully bespoke quantitative analysis for portfolios, investments, benchmarks and any combination. Define which statistics you want, any period, ask for rolling analysis, apply custom filters on your time series.

You can also analyse your trading activity and efficiency. This allows you to identify any outlier according to your criteria: performance, significant cash-flow, etc.

Include Your Files Within Our Platform

Include all your investments supporting documents directly within our platform. Also conduct and track all your research and due diligence activities & write and store specific commentaries.

You can attach and store documents to your transactions or research activity. And so, you can keep track of your orders tickets, capital calls, and any other document within the platform. You can also assign each document the characteristic that you want for further research.

You can share your research analysis commentary with your organisation and your clients directly from the platform. You can use the platform to write your memos regarding your strategy, significant market moves, proposed changes or any other type that you need so it can be accessed immediately.

Seemless Data Integration

Wherever your data is located, whatever systems and providers you use, we will transform the data that is required for your specific needs, to match our platform format, integrate it, and, automate the process.

We transform, normalise and consolidate the data that you need from any source and format, which includes from custodians, back/middle/front office systems and data providers which can be published, pushed to you, stored in a database, as XML, CSV, live feed, etc.

Your data is first loaded, then transformed automatically into buy/sells, distributions, fees, along with the creation and updates of equities, bonds, prices, dividends, etc. so the portfolio is ready to be computed since its inception. And, the consolidation of the information is made according to your rules: prices priorities, merging characteristics, identifiers, etc.

Everything is automated and your operational dashboard tells you where you stand regarding data any time. You can check and reconcile the figures within the solution with your existing figures.

An Opened Platform

Integrate Cogendi multi-assets analytics directly within your Investors or Enterprise website, portal or other Business Intelligence tools.

Integrate live analytics directly into your Company public or internal website: our widgets can be integrated as standard html elements, styled exactly the way you want. Add our parameters, navigation and other components and you can build your own fully bespoke Multi-Assets enterprise Solution in record times. Of course, we can do it for you, as we do it every day for our clients.

Your organisation may be using cross-industry portals or business Intelligence tools which cannot embrace the specifics or multi-asset classes portfolio management. Use our web services to embed dynamically every analytics into your BI or Reporting tool.

Hosting Choice To Suit You

Depending on your specific requirements you can choose to host your solution or you can ask us to host it for you.

We recognise that for some of our clients that their Solution must be fully hosted by them and isolated from the outside world, so we have designed our platform to allow this.

We also have other clients who have want to stick to their core activity only and so, want us to do the hosting. This also frees them from giving responsibility to their IT for maintenance. No problem we offer both hosting choices.

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